Remote Vs. In-Office Work: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Everyone can agree that the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped many aspects of life. Career-wise, the pressure for workers to remain productive without leaving their homes popularized emerging technology that was already gaining traction in the years prior. Google, Zoom, and plenty of other companies saw a drastic increase in their web communication services throughout 2020 as […]

Facebook or Twitter: Where Should Your Health and Wellness Brand Live?

Marketing has come far since the days of cold calls and door-to-door product sales. The internet has provided a space for brands to directly interact with their followers alongside meaningful content, granting better marketing outreach than ever before. For a lot of health and wellness companies, the do-it-yourself spirit of personal care (bolstered after COVID) […]

Unspoken Conduct: 7 Good Examples of Office Etiquette That You Should Follow

Work life is often seen as its own culture held together by implicit rules and formalities. So why doesn’t anyone talk about them? Although 16% of employers are now fully remote in America (and as many as 26.7% of employees work from home), the vast majority of people still commute to their jobs and engage […]

How Wellness is Evolving: Consumer Health Trends Post-COVID

The pandemic did a lot to shake up consumer behavior in regard to health and wellbeing. Lockdowns prevented access to traditional healthcare facilities, demand for high-quality health products skyrocketed, and DIY remedies started trending all across the internet. But if there was one sector that was impacted the most following 2020, it was health and […]

How Virtual Reality is Changing Health and Wellness

Virtual reality is finding a home in more than just the gaming industry—it’s quickly proving its worth in the health and wellness realm, too. Historically, industries within healthcare have been slow to adapt to modern technology standards due to numerous hurdles posed by regulatory requirements and government approval. But while the rate of adopting new […]

How to Care for Your Employees’ Mental Health: Some Tips

Mental health within and without the workplace is a serious topic in an age of remote work, socio-economic stress, and heavy workloads to meet rising demands. In fact, one in five adults in America report poor mental health. A report by The Hartford in 2021 demonstrated that 27% of U.S. workers report they experience anxiety […]

5 Ways to Craft an Eco-Friendly Business

How closely does your business adhere to green practices? It’s not too much of a stretch to claim that the fate of the world depends on it. The current state of global waste management is not in an ideal place, with American corporations and businesses leading as some of the biggest worldwide contributors. As recent […]

What Makes a Good Leader for Your Business Today?

“Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. And they’re made just like anything else: through hard work.” So says the old maxim by American football coach Vince Lombardi. Leaders in business roles are no exception.  Every team needs an organized and authoritative source to oversee the overall success of the group. Without an experienced figure to lead […]

5 Ways To Foster Wellness Within Your Business

wellness in your business

Your company is only as capable as the individual healthy lives that give it a pulse. So when was the last time you addressed their well-being and made sure they felt valuable, cared for, and happy? At CC Wellness, health has always been the priority aspect of every decision we make. We understand the importance of wellness both within and outside of our company (it’s baked into our name, […]